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    42,000 medical staff, including those from the military, were dispatched to Hubei from across the country. At the peak of the

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    fight, one in 10 intensive care medics in China were working in Wuhan. Fleets of trucks carrying aid goo

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    ds and displaying banners of "Wuhan be strong!" rushed to the city from all corners of the country. Unde

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r a "pairing-up support" system, each city in Hubei is taken care of by at least one provincial-level region. To ensure the timely admission of patients, two hospitals with a total of 2,600 beds were built from s

cratch in Wuhan within about two weeks, and 16 temporary hospitals were converted from gyms and exhibition centers to add 13,000 beds. Nucleic acid testing (NAT

) capacity in Wuhan reached 24,000 people a day. Testing is made free and treatment fees are covered by China's basic medical insura

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nts -- over 100 patients were waiting for the injection but only one nurse was around. Every day, her mother who had a fever on the eve of the Spring Festival in late January, waited 10 hours to be injected. After a week of imploration, Huang finally found a hospital willin

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